Our Ristorante-Pizzeria 412, located inside the hotel, opened in July 2016 and it has not been created just for our guests, but it is also open for those who are not staying at our hotel.
Chef Stefano Rizzi wanted to introduce different dishes from those offered by “Barca”, the other historic restaurant, led by Assunta, the mother. Chef Rizzi decided to create a new menu offering both fish and meat cooked with the low temperature technique (using first choice raw materials and unconventional dressings and seasonings) but without leaving out some of the dishes related to the local culinary tradition.
Restaurant 412 is also a pizzeria; we cook our pizzas in a latest generation wood touch-screen oven. You can choose between more than 30 pizzas created with different doughs and in two sizes (regular and half-meter long).

Barca” is Rizzi’s historical restaurant, active since 1899, and located in the centre of Castel San Giovanni. It offers typical piacentina cuisine, cooked in a meticulous way.

In the menu, it is possible to find cold cuts, fresh homemade pasta as tortelli with ricotta cheese and spinach, pisarei and faso’ (pasta with tomato sauce and beans), ravioli in brodo (pasta served with broth), boiled meat and roasts.